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Olympia Fight Club is the only comprehensive Boxing & Muay Thai gym in Brisbane CBD!

We offer classes for all levels from beginners through to advanced and pride ourselves on our ability to introduce absolute newcomers to the sport.


Begin your journey with a $99 introduction to Muay Thai session - Receive free wraps, free boxing gloves and all of the fundamental skills required to feel confident for your first beginner's class.

Muay Thai Training


Our beginner classes are perfect for Muay Thai first timers even if that means you’ve never put on a pair of boxing gloves before. Our team is passionate about making sure that your first experience is a great one so you’re excited to come back for more. We also take the time to get to know you and pair you up with people of a similar level or experience and ability.

Two women boxing together in a gym.
Two females practicing Muay Thai


It’s an exciting day when you get the tap on the shoulder from one of our coaches and they let you know you’re now ready to join our intermediate classes (attendance to our intermediate classes in by invitation only)! In our intermediate classes there will be more of a focus on clinching, sparring and overall training intensity as well as continuing to develop fundamental Muay Thai techniques.


If training like a fighter and participating in full contact Muay Thai is what you’re looking for these are the sessions for you. The people who attend our fighters’ class are actively fighting, have the goal to fight or are prepared to be treated like, and train like a fighter. You won’t find these sessions available in your Olympia app as they are strictly invitation only and often take several months of experience to be ready for. Doing one-on-one Muay Thai personal training with an Olympia Fight Club Coach is a great way to accelerate the process if these are the sessions you’d like to be a part of.

Image of a young person training with his trainor
Two female training together in a gym

Introduction to Muay Thai

Our introduction to Muay Thai class is for absolute beginners who have no experience in Muay Thai. In this class you’ll learn fundamentals like how to wrap your hands, how to use a boxing bag, how to hold pads, how to punch & kick properly along with many other important skills that will help you feel much more confident before joining our beginners classes.

Muay Thai/ Kickboxing/ Boxing

Personal Training

We understand that group classes aren’t for everyone and often people enjoy the one-on-one aspect of personal training. If you’d prefer some one-on-one attention to develop your Muay Thai or boxing skills faster book a PT session with one of our Fight Club coaches. Here are some more benefits that come along with having a dedicated Fight Club Coach:

  • Your fitness and technique will improve faster as you have 100% of the coach’s attention

  • Your Personal Training sessions can be tailored around your injuries and level of fitness

  • Book a regular weekly time slot to help you stay accountable

  • Your coach will be able to give you specific feedback on what to improve/work on outside of personal training sessions

  • Discounted membership rate when you have an Olympia Personal Trainer

Photo of a person kicking a puching bag

Build confidence, get fit & develop a new skill by learning Muay Thai
in our ego-free boxing gym!

Olympia Fight Club is the only comprehensive Boxing & Muay Thai gym in Brisbane CBD! We offer classes for all levels from beginners through to advanced and pride ourselves on our ability to introduce absolute newcomers to the sport.

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Over 45+ Classes/wk – unlimited access!


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Over 45+ classes/week in your club membership!

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Over 200 x 5 star reviews


Mitch Dunk

I have been training at Olympia Fight Club for the past six months and cannot recommend this gym highly enough. The head coach, Matt, is super knowledgeable and teaches an awesome style of technical and traditional Muay Thai.  All of the members, from beginners through to fighters, are super friendly and supportive of one another other - It feels more like a family than a fight gym.

a month ago


Di Zhang

Olympia’s fight club level has the best facilities for Muay Thai training: padded floor, heavy bags, Thai pads and belly pads fully supplied for your training session. The trainers are very enthusiastic about passing on their knowledge and seeing you improve. The Muay Thai classes are suitable for people at every experience level, doesn’t matter if you are a fighter, new to martial arts or just sick of boring cardio. The best part is you get to make new friends along the way!

a month ago


Oliver Frye

Muay Thai at Olympia has changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. It has given me physical fitness and strength, but more importantly, I am happier and more confident than ever. I couldn't imagine life without my friends and family at Olympia, who support and care for me every day. Additionally, the Muay Thai classes at the club are by far the most fun way to build your fitness and strength! The trainers and fellow classmates are caring, attentive, and always up for a laugh. I'd especially recommend Muay Thai at Olympia to anyone who struggles with traditional group fitness classes, or who finds staying motivated toward their fitness goals a challenge.

a month ago


Taka Bodiam

My Muay Thai experience at Olympia has been a life changing experience. I’ve developed life-long skills and friends. I’m the healthiest and best version of myself because of Muay Thai and I’m the happiest when I’m training. I’m always learning and growing thanks to Muay Thai and I’m grateful to be a part of Fight Club. This past year at OFC has changed my life for the better.

a month ago


Vicky Tang

Was highly recommended Olympia as a gym, as it had everything from weights and variety of classes. My first class that I did was a Muay Thai class and haven't looked back since. I highly recommend if you are looking for a non traditional fitness class, Muay Thai at the club is a great place to try. You will feel welcome from the very get go, and is rewarding seeing yourself grow. It is the most fun way to build your fitness and strength - don't be surprised if you fall in love with this sport and this place! Muay Thai at Olympia certainly changed my life. It has helped me physically and mentally. And made new friends along the way, everyone at Olympia are friendly and supportive. I never would have imagined I would be this motivated and excited to walk into a gym until I found Muay Thai at Olympia.

a month ago

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Access to our state of the art weight training area along with boxing & Muay Thai specific strength training programming

Monthly InBody Scans
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