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Your goals and ambitions are important to us which is why we know our members by name instead of just another number. Here’s what to expect when joining Olympia:

App/Class Access
Trainer Check-Ins
Questions & Support
Employed Trainers


App/Class Access

Trainer Check ins


One of our friendly team will set you up with a personalised transformation plan tailored to your goals. We’ll take your injuries, any limitations you may have as well as your fitness level into account as we want to ensure you feel excited and confident with the training routine we create with you.

With the Olympia App your exercise program, nutrition plan, class bookings, InBody composition scans, progress photos and so much more are in the palm of your hand. The Olympia App was built specifically for our club and is the ultimate tool to help you stay motivated and accountable throughout your health and fitness journey with us!

We built the Olympia check in system to guarantee people never fall through the cracks. If you’re a member who doesn’t do one on one personal training, you’ll receive a trainer check in and InBody Composition scan every month to monitor your progress and to ensure you have the right plan in place to achieve your goals. If you have a one-on-one personal trainer your InBody Composition scan is fortnightly so your trainers can provide suggestions and programming updates more regularly.

All of the trainers at Olympia are employed (not contractors). This results in a much lower rate of trainer turnover as well as the benefit of on hand support. Look out for the trainers who are wearing a green badge that says “here to help” as this means the trainer is not in a PT session and is available to answer any questions you may have. Be sure to join the Olympia Family Facebook group straight after becoming a member of the club - This is an exclusive group for our Olympia members and it’s a safe place where you can ask questions, share your wins and stay motivated even when you’re not in the gym.


Services included in your all-inclusive $55 per week Olympia club membership.
Strength training program & workout routine
Access to our full time employed Personal Trainers
Access to 45+ classes per week
Access to the Olympia App
Monthly InBody Composition Scan
Nutrition guidance
Access to all 3 levels of the club

Take a tour of our 1000sqm facility spread over 3 levels

Brisbane Gym

Olympia is three gyms in one

Level one

The Jungle

  • HIIT/Circuit Training - Class formats change monthly

  • 3 Different types of classes: Fitness focus, lower body focus, upper body focus

  • Timer based classes so you can go at your own pace/fitness level

Level two

Strength Sanctuary

  • State of the art selection of strength training and cardio equipment

  • One on One Personal Training and affordable Small Group PT

  • InBody Composition scanner, kitchen/dining area, main change rooms and amenities

Level three

Fight Club

  • Muay Thai classes and one on one Personal Training. Classes broken up into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced/Fighters.

  • Fitness Conditioning, Fitness Boxing and Fitness Kickboxing.

  • Equipment store – gloves, wraps, mouth guards and shin guards available for purchase on site

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Olympia offers a HUGE variety of classes

Ground Level


Jungle Fit classes are a high intensity circuit-based class using a combination of your own body weight as well as a range of fitness equipment to get you in the ultimate fat burning zone! You will complete 3 rounds on each station with 40 seconds of work and a 20 second break. The classes are designed so you can go at your own pace so if you’re just starting out and would prefer to take it slow or on the contrary a fitness weapon who wants to give it everything you’ve got the Jungle classes will challenge you in all of the right kind of ways.

Ground Level


Jungle Strong classes have more of a focus on resistance rather than just focusing on cardio and fat burning like Jungle Fit. On our class schedule you’ll see we have both Jungle Strong Upper Body & Lower Body so you can choose the class that’s most suitable to you. These classes make use of your own body weight as well as a range of our strength & fitness equipment to get those arms pumping & legs burning! All of the exercises are timer based, so no matter what fitness level you’re working at it’s perfect for all fitness & experience levels.

Fight Club (Level 2)


Think of this class as being like a bootcamp, but indoors! Each Fitness + Conditioning class is run differently, and varies greatly from trainer to trainer which keeps things fun and interesting! In this class we use equipment such as TRX, battle ropes, weighted nuggets, agility ladders, sand bags, skipping ropes etc, as well as body weight movements like sprints, star jumps, burpees etc. We love that this class brings an array of movements, and can be adapted depending on your level of fitness and ability.

Fight Club (Level 2)


Fitness Boxing will have you banging out round after round on the bags combined with bodyweight exercises for a fun & fat burning workout. You’ll need boxing gloves & wraps for this class! (Gloves are available for purchase or $5 hire).

Fight Club (Level 2)


Fitness Kickboxing will have you kicking and punching away while using body weight fitness and strength movements and of course, having loads of fun! You’ll need your own boxing gloves and wraps from this class! (Gloves are available for purchase or $5 hire at the club).

Fight Club (Level 2)


This is an open level session suitable for those with at least base level experience in Muay Thai through to the advanced. It is expected you’ll be warm prior to the start of this class. Please note that this is a contact-based session. Mouth guard, shin guards & boxing gloves are required. A combat sports box/cup is also required for males taking this class. Mouth guards, shin guards, gloves & boxes/cups are available for purchase at the club.

Fight Club (Level 2)


Pronounced “Moy-Tie”, Muay Thai consists of punches, elbows, knees & kicks. Olympia Fight Club is the only comprehensive Muay Thai gym in Brisbane CBD! We offer classes for all levels from beginners through to advanced and pride ourselves on our ability to introduce absolute newcomers to the sport. You’ll need your own boxing gloves & wraps for all of our Muay Thai classes. Depending on the class, you may need your own shin guards too! (Gloves & Shin Guards are available for purchase or $5 hire at the club).







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Over 45+ Classes/wk – unlimited access!


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