Personal Training Brisbane

Brisbane City’s Best Personal Training team

Olympia Personal Trainers specialise in:

- Nutrition

- Exercise Physiology

- Gym Beginners

- Boxing and Muay Thai

- Big Weight Loss (50kg+)

- Pre/Post Natal

- Muscle Gain/Recomposition

- Flexibility/Mobility

- Vegan/Vegetarian Lifestyle

- Managing Gym Anxiety

Employed Trainers
World Class Trainers
Variety & Fun
Structure, Accountability & Support
45 Minute Sessions

Employed Trainers (No Sub-Contractors)

Our Personal Trainers are employed which means a higher quality of trainer, less turnover & great energy amongst the team. No need to worry about awkward chats with sub-contractors trying to upsell you on the gym floor!

World Class Trainers

To become an Olympia Trainer is recognised as the Gold Standard in the fitness industry. We handpick our trainers, regularly develop their skills and understand if our trainers are looked after then our clients will be looked after.

Variety & Fun

Who says a session can’t be challenging and fun at the same time? Our trainers make sure you're having fun whilst keeping an eagle eye on your technique! When we meet you we take special care to match each client with the most compatible trainer.

Structure, Accountability & Support

Every Olympia Client has a tailored training plan built into their Olympia App. Your trainer will be able to keep you accountable on the goals you set together to ensure you’re achieving all of your desired results!


Just like our clients Olympia Personal Trainers are very diverse. They speak different languages, come from all around the world and have unique areas of specialty to suit each client.

45 Minute Sessions

Your personal training sessions run for 45 minutes and they are tailored to your goal. We also take into account your level of experience to make sure each and every exercise is a safe one that will challenge you in all of the right ways.

Personal Trainers Brisbane

Personal training that suits you

One on One Personal Training

  • One on one attention to educate you on perfect technique

  • Regular one on one goal setting to make sure you stay motivated and on track

  • A more tailored level of support with things like nutrition, stretching/mobility & overall progress

  • In Body Composition scans fortnightly instead of Monthly

Strength Squad PT Sessions

  • More affordable – Only $20 more than the standard $55/week membership. One Strength Squad PT session per week + All inclusive Club membership = $75 per week!

  • Exclusive Squad PT area so you’re NEVER waiting for equipment

  • Complete your weight training in a controlled environment so a trainer can monitor your form and technique (maximum of 6 people per session).

  • We select the groups carefully to make sure you’re training with people who are of a similar level of experience


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Meet the Personal Trainers





  • Gym beginner specialist
  • Women 30-60+
  • Pre/Post Natal
  • Menopausal and Post Menopausal
  • Boxing and Muay Thai
  • Will help you fall in love with exercise
  • 7 Years experience
  • Qualified Nutritionist


  • High performing corporate specialist
  • Exercise and performance psychology
  • Functional, safe and time efficient training
  • Technical strength training for beginners to advanced
  • Developer of structure, balance and routine
  • 8 Years experience


  • Strength training specialist for beginners through to advanced
  • Strength system education and program design
  • Assist with quitting negative eating habits and smoking
  • Balanced approach to nutrition and training
  • Brings the fun and banter to his sessions backed up with structure and a push
  • 3.5 Years experience


  • Club Manager
  • Front of House and Admin Specialist
  • Is there from the start of your Olympia journey to ensure you have a WOW experience
  • Membership Experience Extraordinaire and Problem-Solving Guru
  • Helping you overcome Gym Anxiety and building a routine and lifestyle that you love
  • Radiating happy and positive energy throughout the club


  • Gym beginner specialist
  • Sports performance, strength, agility and conditioning
  • Group class specialist
  • Corporate team building/training specialist
  • An absolute scallywag and jokester who loves to keep sessions fun and exciting
  • 8 Years experience
  • Qualified Nutritionist


  • High energy and high intensity
  • Passionate about helping people feel STRONG
  • Class and Squad PT guru
  • Loves to train a wide variety of people and to have a laugh and some banter in every session!


  • Jack of all trades!
  • Weight/strength training for all levels
  • Muay Thai, kickboxing and boxing for beginners through to the advanced
  • Full-body conditioning and fitness
  • All around a good guy with a zest for life and a good lol in every session!


  • Front of House specialist
  • Super passionate about all things health and fitness
  • Helping people build a healthy lifestyle that works for them, and that they genuinely love!
  • Fun, bubbly and an absolute energiser bunny who loves a chat
  • Highly disciplined and goal-driven
  • Has a wide variety of interests including Muay Thai, strength training, functional training, ceramics and modelling


  • Muay Thai Coach
  • Experience in training beginners through to fighters
  • Over 300 fights
  • Former Lumpinee Stadium Champion
  • Former WBC International Champion
  • Friendly, fun and loves some banter


  • A passion for helping a wide range of clients with goals from weight loss through to muscle gain
  • Loves to help people find their confidence and develop a better lifestyle overall
  • Perfect for beginners through to advanced experience levels
  • Lived in Japan for 13 years and speaks fluent Japanese
  • Always brings great energy and banter to every session


  • Pad Holding Wizard
  • Strength and Performance Coaching for the weekend warrior or high-level athlete
  • Specialising in Boxing/Kickboxing and MMA Striking for fun, fitness or sport
  • Passionate about helping you achieve your goals
  • Loves some banter
  • Perfect for Beginners


  • Front of House expert
  • Running coach specialist who will help you develop a love for running
  • Passionate, motivational and enthusiastic about your health and fitness
  • Our In-house designer for Olympia Merchandise
  • Strong Focus on mental health and well being


  • Muay Thai Coach
  • Experience in training beginners through to fighters
  • Great with boxing and fitness boxing
  • 13 years Fighting experience - 1995-2008
  • Training fighters in Muay Thai gyms in Thailand, China and Australia for the past 9 years


  • Muay Thai and strength training hybrid
  • A keen focus on form and technique
  • Club coach by weekday and motorcycle racer by weekend
  • 5+ Years of Muay Thai/Boxing experience
  • Passionate about helping beginners in their martial art journey
  • Your resident go-to man for anything motorbikes related









We set you up with a Personal Trainer who matches your goals!

We want to make sure that you’re set up for success in your personal training journey right from the very start, and the first step is finding the perfect trainer for you.

Choosing an Olympia trainer is not a random process – When you join the club, we take the time to get to know you, your goals and what you’re looking for in a trainer to make sure you’re set up with a PT who is best equipped and qualified to help you achieve your specific goals.

Over 200 5 Star reviews


Syafiqah Sani

I've never attended a gym before and I was always reluctant to do so because I would be too concious about my performance and my looks. I have multiple medical conditions that don't allow me to do certain exercises. Olympia is not that kind of gym. They're so supportive and understanding. I got a personal trainer and she developed an exercise plan where I finally don't get sick from! Thank you so much! I actually look forward to going to gym now and feel comfortable exercising outside.

a month ago


Rachel Elliott

This gem of a city gym is unique in both space and atmosphere. The trainers are kind friendly souls with upbeat attitudes who want the best for you both mentally and physically. The facilities are next level - motivational, modern, clean, fun and full of all the equipment your exercise-junkie hearts could desire. There are a plethora of inclusive classes to enjoy which cater for the beginner to the elite - they also seem to add a bit of laughter and a non-compulsory dance whilst sweating it out, if that's your scene. I'm addicted now - I wouldn't work out anywhere else. Highly recommend swinging by to see what it's all about.

a month ago


Alasdair Pajak

I cannot recommend Olympia highly enough. The equipment and facilities are top notch, and the trainers are some of the best in the industry at what they do. No matter what your fitness goal, someone on the team will have the experience and knowledge to help you get there.

More importantly than that though, it's such an incredibly welcoming and supportive environment that it tranforms the gym from a place you go because you feel like you have to, into a place you go because you want to.

a month ago


Lesley Carey

A really excellent gym that is very professional but also a lot of fun! Really great trainers and lots of classes to join, it’s also very modern with good equipment too. I love coming in, everyone is so friendly. The great thing for me is that it caters for all ages, shapes and sizes!

a month ago

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